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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

San Diego - Recession Proof? Party Rentals perspective...

What can make a city recession-proof? Is it the people that occupy the city, the jobs that compose the city or the government that governs the city??

Being a business owner, we can say that it is the customers that directly affect the sustainability of a business. If we didn't have loyal customers, then in this economic turbulence we would not sustain.

At Anar Party Rentals, Inc. we believe that by building top-notch relationships with our customers we are securing our future, and our customers' futures. We understand the importance that reliability and reputation hold in our industry. That is why we never stray from our path of creating "the perfect party".

If our orders are less in the tough times, it does not matter, we do not budge from our motto of creating value for suberp equipment. If we have nothing, it is our integrity that guides us!

And as the rest of us, Anar is hoping that Obama will guide us to better times. Our country has sustained through triumph and turbulance. This is a mere roadblock in our journey to success! Long live America! And long live the citizens who make the United States thrive!

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